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"Our Program is Bigger Than Basketball"

We have found over the years that there is a close correlation between the person who attempts to develop as a total person, (character, attitude, academics, spiritually, and basketball skills) and her contribution to the basketball program. Those who have not managed to develop this form of self-discipline have either contributed very little or have not been able to perform in a clutch situation.

Every year, we place a special emphasis on "mental attitudes".Again, history has proven that those who WANT and believe they can achieve a certain goal, will.

Success in basketball, like success in any sport or profession, is a frame of mind. More players fail mentally than physically. The player who acquires a proper mental attitude toward the game, and along with it, realizes that most successful basketball players are made, not born, will be on the road to success.

One important lesson , is that we will get back from life exactly what we put into it. This is certainly true in you dedication to basketball. All motivation is internal- the response to a challenge and the pride one makes in accomplishement. Attitude is personal, and effective motivation can only be accomplished on a personal basis.

The secret of all successful people is the results of a predetermined goal. Your goal must be a single ambition; there should not be other desires complicating the situation at the same time. Establish your priorities. There is magic in thinking Big--It is important to set your goals high.

Success comes to that person who: 1.) Knows where he is going, 2.) Determines what he should do to move in this direction, 3.) works industriously toward the master of all details, and 4.) Belives with all his heart that "he can have anything he wants, if he wants it bad enough".

Your future will be determined by you. You can read all the books you like, do all the wishful thinking you like, but success will not ever come until you decide to be up and doing. Herein lies the secret of success, the greatest mystery in life is the success that comes from work.

Most teams have good talent, but some seem to always rise to the occasion and play somewhat better than they might be capable of. What makes theese teams play this way? What makes an individual play this way? I think what we are talking about is dedication, loyalty, mental attitute, working together...

"Success is a Journey and Not a Destination"

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